Research Dynamics

Airopack Technology Group AG

Airopack is a leading provider of mechanical and pressure-controlled primary packaging technologies and dispensing systems for manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetics, body care, pharmaceutical and food products. Its revolutionaly Airopack technology offers a safe, all-plastic pressurized dispenser that is environmental friendly which uses just normal compressed air.



Airopack – News Update

Upscaling to 200 million Airopack dispensers annually

– Manufacturing capacity set to be doubled
– New financing secured
– New financing secured
– Conclusion
– Valuation



Airopack – Initiation of Coverage

Airopack a game changer in the packaging industry as a planet friendly alternative to traditional aerosol dispensers

– A better and effective product for consumers and manufacturers
– Addressing the rising environmental concerns
– Financing backed by Apollo
– Valuation

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